We decided to go all out for this tune that I'd written several years ago - but could never decide on an arrangement idea. No matter what I tried, Sneaky Love just sooooo wanted to be an R&B tune. So Mike Shotton, Bob McAlpine and I worked tirelessly on background vocals, vocal harmonies, arranging, refining an awkward lyric here and there and FINALLY got er done. I'm very proud of the horn lines, esp the soli section (the work of Bob McAlpine)and the Brass Transit horn section's spot on execution of it. So fun. It's a bit of a departure from the rest of the work, yet still fits in seamlessly with the guitar and bass-centered nature of the album, and defines who I am as an artist, given my love for R&B. It was a perfect fit, and perfect way to end the album. Complete with Reprise!