I first heard "Moody's Mood" in 1979 on George Benson's sensational album "Give Me the Night." I've heard a few other versions since, but George's is my favorite. I'd later learned that this bop tune was actually based on a brilliant solo by saxophonist James Moody for the older beautiful standard "I'm In The Mood For Love". Eddie Jefferson later wrote the wonderful lyric to James' work. I decided to blend the two songs together in a more literal way, I guess, by beginning my version with the first line of "I'm In the Mood for Love" treating it almost as a verse, then launching into the head of "Moody's Mood". We again revert back to the older standard right after the solo with "if there's a cloud up above..etc" then end with Eddie & James's classic outro: "you can go now if you want to, etc..." I thought it served as a fun reminder to those out there who still aren't aware of the two songs being so closely related to each other. It just made sense to me. Arrangement by Pat Collins. Muted trumpet solo: Bruce Cassidy.