I absolutely had to include one of my absolute favorite ballads ever, done by one of my favorite singer/songwriters ever. Bob Scaggs' iconic album "Silk Degrees" was a staple in our Scarberian basement in the 1970's. We danced at parties to "Lido Shuffle" and "Lowdown". But after the crowd finally went home (and after cleaning out those ash trays and clearing out the beer bottles before parents arrived home!!) I allowed myself to put the needle on this tune to allow myself a quiet moment before traipsing off to bed...I'd allow his gorgeous love-lorn lyric to wash over me. I suppose even as a teenager I had a sense of nostalgia. I remember his love lorn lyric painting so vividly, a picture of an old forgotten foggy harbor with the heavy smell of salt air and of course, a long lost love. "Doesn't seem so far away....keep the change, but I'll repay these memories..." Gorgeous. We extended the upbeat latin-esque outdo, as I always regretted that Boz's version fades it too soon! Also a chance to highlight the very talented Bob McAlpine.