Title track! This tune is one that I have treasured since my very first date. That is, when that fellow rolled up in his orange Comet, blaring from his pioneer stereo was this tune, at full blast for all the neighborhood to hear. It was a cherished, moment for me - now feeling so grown up. He was a huge fan of Lighthouse and wanted to let me know I'd better be ok with that, or the date wasn't going to go well. I was, and it did! Forward ahead 30-ish years, we tamed the tune down by giving it a bossa feel, but I feel we managed to maintain its energetic, euphoric soul! I also felt that Skip Prokop's lyric needed to be brought a little more to the fore - I'd always thought the third verse especially lovely. Thanks to Bob McAlpine for his stellar (Steely Dan-Influenced!) horn arrangement and for the iconic Lighthouse horn section for the session. One of my most memorable days of recording! Thanks to sound engineer Mike Shotton for all his patience - this was a tough one vocally as it was difficult to know when to pull back/when to push a little more, and get the right balance.