This is exactly what we did a lot of while working on this project(!). This is a tune that I cherished back in the 1970s and still do today. It was so unique (and confident) for a band back then (Australia's Little River Band) to release a tune like this one. It was a complete departure from the rock/pop world of the day, but it ended up one of their most beloved hits. A romantic, dreamy throwback to the big band era of their parents, I'd say that every friend of mine had the lyric memorized as did I - the sign I think, of a truly well written tune (not to mention, a well-rotated tune!). It was delightful. We wanted to create an intimacy for "Reminiscing" so decided on a simple guitar/voice duo, and I was keen for Bob to have a vehicle to display his masterful guitar skills as well. I am thrilled with the result.