Zenyatta Mondatta was another record we completely wore out. Many fond memories of many a party - actually in the eighties, where we enjoyed this tune along with gems like "Canary In A Coalmine" and of course "Don't Stand So Close To Me". Driven to Tears just rocked though - and its lyric is certainly still quite relevant to one's helpless feeling towards today's world's suffering and pain. I knew Bob would be like a dog with a bone when it came time to arrange this song and put our own spin on it. I wanted a strong jazz influence but wanted to keep Sting's ska bass licks - so as soon as we ran through it a few times and I sang "So, what is my reaction," Miles' classic "So What" quickly came to mind (for Bob!).We then inserted the modulations in the spots where it seemed most obvious. I'm absolutely thrilled with the result. Check out Pat Collins' exquisite bass soloing to take the tune to its ending.