This tune was released a few years before my teen years - I discovered it while listening to a girlfriend's older sister's 45's. The Beatles' influence on Badfinger's music is unmistakable, which made it that much more intriguing, but the band's series of bad managers, and eventual tragic demise is that of rock music legend. Founder, lead singer and songwriter Pete Ham eventually committed suicide then eight years later his friend and band member Tom Evans did the same. They were sadly underrated as a result. What attracted me to "Day After Day" was its simplicity, beauty, and a gorgeous slide guitar solo from producer/Beatle George Harrison. It had been in my repertoire for several years as a groove tune. I knew it had the potential to be a more upbeat version of itself, but it took several tries and back and forths between Bob and I to finally get the baseline just right. I ended up coming up with it. Pat Collins' execution on stand up bass no less, is flawless. The heavy lifting here was from Hammond B3/synth guru Don Baird, whose Jan Hamer-esque solo work with his beloved mini-moog synth raised the tune up even higher! We decided to make this the first tune on the album for its sheer strength, and because it defines the energy and strength of the recording. We created a really fun video for the tune as well.